IBM SmartCloud from Infinite Conferencing

IBM SmartCloud from Infinite Conferencing

When your employees, customers and partners are scattered all over the globe, you need a quick, reliable, and security-rich way to share information in real-time. Traveling to face-to-face meetings is costly and time-consuming. Emailing files and trying to get participants to follow along in a teleconference can be frustrating and inefficient.

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Infinite Conferencing offers IBM SmartCloud™ Meetings – a full-featured web conferencing service in the IBM cloud, designed for businesses of all sizes.

Quickly and confidently give presentations, distribute information and share applications in a security-rich environment. An intuitive, easy-to-use web conferencing interface helps you to set up and run your own meetings—anytime, from anywhere—with just a web browser and an internet connection.

With SmartCloud Meetings from Infinite Conferencing, no downloads are required. Web conferences are available for Windows and MacOS, as well as Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Google Android and BlackBerry mobile devices.

The SmartCloud Meeting Difference

  • iOS, Android and BlackBerry support
  • No downloads for participants
  • Security and privacy controls
  • Participant rights management
  • Multi-language support (22 languages)
  • Meet with up to 250 participants
  • Record your session
  • Share documents
  • Supports multiple monitors
  • 24x7 support

What SmartCloud clients are saying...

Bumbu Desa
"Since using SmartCloud we have improved our reporting activities, reduced travel expenses by twenty five percent, and we are now regularly sharing information between outlets."

Tendi Naim, Managing Director

Russell's Convenience
"We looked for something that had to be available and easy to use"

Raymond Huff, President

Colleagues in Care
"The nonprofit organization Colleagues In Care (CIC) is a global network of medical professionals and other partners who work together to provide healthcare services, knowledge and training to aid the poor and help alleviate suffering. CIC implemented the SmartCloud solution to collaborate with healthcare professionals worldwide."

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
"It was important to us to find an integrated technology solution to support the college."

Roxanne Reynolds-Lair, CIO

Australian Bureau of Statistics
"Our solution helps the organization improve collaboration with other international statistical agencies. With our applications, the international project teams can quickly share skills, intellectual property, and assets, and design and co-develop statistical standards and applications within a security-rich and cost-effective environment."

"Lofotkraft needed to reduce IT complexity while providing a better way to communicate with employees and conduct business with key partners and vendors. Lofotkraft chose our solution. Because all our services are integrated and available in the cloud, Lofotkraft and its partners can easily collaborate and meet anytime, anywhere."

Michigan Municipal League
"The Michigan Municipal League needed a way to drive operational efficiencies, contain costs, and create business value for members. MML wanted a cost-effective, security-rich technology that would help move business processes to the cloud and enable connections with members, board members and vendors."

Northern New England Poison Center
"The organization was looking for a more efficient way to coordinate with educators located in three different states. They were spending a great deal of time and money traveling to training seminars and needed a way to reduce the budget. They chose our online meetings solution to share and review presentations with internal staff and to hold training sessions and webinars with external audiences."